The LKSNA met on August 17, 2014 @ The Fern Valley Hotel & Conference Center

 on Fern valley Road. The meeting was called to order by President Justin B. @

 approximately 2:00 p.m. Treasurers report & minutes were read & approved.


 Under old business we are still looking for a full time secretary. There are incentives

 in place for someone who may be interested in the position. We are also looking for

 a Christmas Dinner Chairperson. Please volunteer !!


 As of this report we are about 6 weeks away from our annual Coin Show. The 54th

 Annual Show will be Sept. 25th, 26th & 27th. Even though we have a list out for

 workers we still need more. Especially tear down on Saturday...


 We have passed out about 108 books of tickets for our raffle for the show. We have

 taken in about $290.00 towards the cost of those raffle items. We need to take in $850.00

 just to cover cost. Please sell as many tickets as you can !! I think everyone knows by

 now that the prizes are 1) A Half Ounce gold piece 2) 5-One Ounce Uncirculated Silver

 Eagles. We have about 56 tables committed for the show. We had 73 tables sold for last years

 show. If you know someone who may be interested in a table please have them contact

 John B; Jim B; Steve W. Phone numbers on flyer & website. www.louisvilleandkscoinclub.com


 Our presentation "Confederates" by Harry T. was very interesting. Harry first his interest

 from an old building near lake "Louisvillia". The building had walls papered in confederate

 bills.  In 1861 The Confederate States of America was formed.  (President Jefferson Davis)

 The Confederacy came up with 72 different notes for currency of which about half were

 counterfeited. Samuel Upton was responsible for about 2/3's of all counterfeits and today

 some (most) are worth more than the original government notes. Grover Criswell is the undisputed

 expert on Confederate Currency. His books are world renown. Harry has many of his early works.

 Albert Pick is another expert who formed the "Standard Catalog of World Paper Money" which    

 is the standard reference work for all banknote collectors. Thanks Harry !!!


 We have a new member Jean R.. Welcome Jean !! Please welcome her at our next meeting.


 Justin B. has informed us that Jim P. is home resting comfortably after triple bypass

 surgery. Get Well Soon !!!


 George P. drew his own number for the attendance prize. He won a cool $120.00

 Congratulations George !!  Next months prize will be $20.00.


 Last meeting before show 9/21/14. Prize for selling most tickets will be presented !!


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