The LKSNA met on July 20, 2014 @ the Fern Valley Hotel & Conference Center on Fern Valley Road. The meeting was called to order by President Justin B. @ 2:00 p.m.

Treasurers report & minutes were read and approved. We have $ 15,197.76 in Cash and CD’s on hand as of this report.


Under old business we are still looking for a full time Secretary. There are incentives in place for someone who may be interested in the position. Please volunteer !!


We will be inside of 9 weeks of our show by the next meeting. The 54th Annual Show will be September the 25, 26 and 27th 2014. We still need volunteers for both set up and tear down. There will be a sign up sheet available @ the next meeting. Please Volunteer !! As of this meeting we have passed out 98 books of tickets for the raffle. We are issuing a challenge to all members !! We would like all members to pick up 5 brochures/flyers & 5 bundles of tickets.  Again our raffle prizes are (1) ½ ounce gold eagle; valued @ over $700. (5) 1 ounce Uncirculated Silver eagles; valued @ $150.00 ($30 each). Additionally, we have 54 tables committed & another 6 or so spoken for. If you know someone who may be interested in a table for the show please contact John B, Jim B, or Steve W.. Phone #’s on flyer !!


Our presentation “Cost of Coin Collecting” was given by Bill B. The top 5 sets of complete 20th & 21st century coins to collect (dollar wise) in Good & Proof grades are as follows. 1) Peace Dollars; 2) Lincoln Cents; 3) Walking Liberty Quarters; 4) Mercury Dimes; 5) Sacagawea Dollars. The toughest sets to complete (Just to collect w/o consideration of funds) in the 20th & 21st century are the Dime & the Quarter.  Thanks Bill for a very interesting topic.


Harry T. will be our speaker in August. His topic “Confederates” should be very interesting. Harry who is one of our founding members of the club is very knowledgeable about most all coins. Please join us for Harry’s topic. We need volunteers for topics for the balance of the year. Please volunteer !!!


Rick L. was drawn for our cash prize of $100.00. Rick was unable to attend. The August attendance prize will be $120.00


**Correction; The prize for selling the most raffle tickets (which will be drawn @ Septembers meeting) is a 1/10 ounce gold piece. NOT a ¼ ounce gold piece as previously reported**


Next months meeting will be August 17th. Hope to see you there & bring a friend !!


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