The LKSNA Fall Show was held September 25, 26 & 27. Hope everyone was

able to attend. I think for the most part it was a pretty decent show. We had to

contend with a University of Louisville & University of Kentucky football games. This may have been why we were a little slow on Saturday…


The prize winners were as follows; Justin B. 1/2 ounce Gold Eagle; Larry F.—1 ounce 2014 Silver Eagle; Paul F.—1 ounce Silver Eagle; Jason

 M. –1 ounce Silver Eagle; Missy Y.—1 ounce Silver Eagle; John D.

--1 ounce silver Eagle. Thanks to everyone who participated in the raffle !!


A suggestion has been brought up that we send a follow up questionnaire to

the dealers for feedback on the show. Hopefully, we can bring this matter up at

our October meeting. We may also be discussing the postcard mailings & the

concession tickets (free coffee & danish) for each table sold.


On a personal note I want to thank Jim H. & Steve R. for their help in tearing

down after the show. It seems we have trouble finding volunteers. To all members, the success of our club depends on volunteers. Please VOLUNTEER !!  I also want to thank Jason M. for storing & delivering our show cases & lamps.


Other thanks to Jim B. & Karen B for show layout. John B. for being the show

chairman. Also. Thanks to all those who worked the “Show Table”


Don't miss Harry T's presentation "Chinese Counterfeits" at our October club



Octobers attendance prize will be $40.00. See everyone 10-19-14..



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